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Airbrushed Motorcycle full face helmet with Orange flames

Motorcycle Helmets

Custom Airbrushed Helmets:  All helmets, hockey to riding, deserve something other than plain black.  From goalie designs to personal concept...
Airbrushed Sunshine Yellow Vulcan Motorcycle with Black Flames by Midnight Air Custom Airbrushing


Custom Airbrushed Bikes:  No matter the make, every bike is something special, but adding to what it has or creating a new look is what makes...
Custom airbrushed boat, Meant To Be


Custome Airbrushed Boats:  Every boat needs a name and a place to rest.  Customize your lettering to match the factory colours or contrast for...
Airbrushed Goalie Hockey Helmet in Red with an Airbrushed Black Warrior by Midnight Air Custom Airbrushing

Hockey Helmets

Custom Airbrushed Helmets:  All helmets, hockey to riding, deserve something other than plain black.  From NHL goalie reproduction to personal...
Airbrushed Mural "Memory of a Tour" by Midnight Air Custom Airbrushing

Murals & Paintings

Custom Airbrushed Murals/Paintings: They can inspire creativity on a child’s bedroom wall or make a great gift for someone you care about. ...
Airbrushed Wooden Guitar with Custom Sunset Scene on Back by Midnight Air Custom Airbrushing

Custom Requests

Custom Airbrushed Requests: If it will hold paint we can customize it to your needs or wants.  Anything from guitars to store front signs to...
Custom Paint on a Jewel Toned Red Charger with Flat Black Hood and Roof by Midnight Air Customs


Custom Airbrushed Vehicles: Cars and trucks are a great canvas to show off your creative side.  From simple flames to a custom colour, your...


Midnight Air Customs Airbrushing has been doing custom and reproduction airbrushing since 1991.  Midnight Air Customs began in Norfolk County by artist Jeff Lindsay after the completion of his first airbrushing course taught by Terry Hill in Florida.  Midnight Air Customs has worked for major corporations such as KoHo, Heaton and MLB while still maintaining the small town service our customers expect. Jeff has perfected his skill working on bikes, murals, helmets and cars, including the experience of painting a mural for the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.   Since moving Midnight Air Customs to the Ottawa Valley in 2011, our business has grown with work all across the country.


Midnight Air Customs offers airbrushing on anything that paint can adhere to. This includes bikes, cars, wall murals, guitars, helmets, clothing, signage and more. The imagination is the limit to what we can paint on.


Midnight Air Customs offers custom and personal design options on every job. We can incorporate your ideas or pictures into a design of your liking. These designs can be then painted on to an item or taken and used as a design for tattoos.


Midnight Air Customs offers a door to door shipping option to all of our long distance customers through UPS Canada. This allows our customers to send items and receive them back in an insured and trackable fashion. It also offers our customers the ease of having the item picked up and dropped off at a location of their choice.


Midnight Air Customs offers in person consultations at our location or yours. We also can do email and Skype consultations with our long distance customers.